If you’re looking for a home upgrade that can affect the comfort, the convenience, the aesthetic, and the economy of your home all at once, there are few things that can answer that call like having a fireplace insert installed.

We sell systems from established, reputable brands that we’re proud to champion and expertly install, so we know about the benefits they can grace your home with.

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What Is a Fireplace Insert?

an orange beverage in a clear mug with whipped topping settled in front of a blazing fireplaceFireplace inserts are heating appliances designed to be retrofitted into existing fireplaces.

Why do this?

To enhance your fireplace’s functionality and efficiency – and often to make a fuel conversion, as well. Inserts come in various forms and designs. Gas fireplace inserts are essentially self-contained heating units that burn propane or natural gas. They produce both heat and flames, so they simulate the appearance of a traditional wood-burning fireplace, keeping the cozy factor all-around strong in your living space.

The Benefits of a Gas Fireplace Insert

Switching to a gas insert offers some compelling advantages, especially as cooler days set in.

  • Unmatched convenience. With a push of a button, you can instantly enjoy the warmth of ambiance of a roaring fire – no gathering firewood and tending the fire required. And when you’re ready to turn in or leave the room? Your fire will be extinguished the same way. No waiting for the flames to die down or concerns about lingering heat in the coals.
  • High level efficiency. Gas inserts are highly efficient at producing heat, and unlike wood-burning fireplaces that lose a lot of heat out the chimney, most of the heat gets poured into your living space. The fuel combusts cleanly, with fewer emissions and less waste.
  • More overall control. With your gas insert, you get even and precise control over heat output. You can enact zone heating in your house, and you also have control over the external design and features of your unit to shape the visual atmosphere of your home.
  • A cleaner fireplace experience. If you’ve ever enjoyed a wood fire, then you’ve also experienced the mess associated with it. The cleanliness of gas inserts is a game changer, eliminating the need to contend with ashes, soot, and wood debris. Cleaning is relatively minimal.
  • Home value. We get it – you’re investing in your own enjoyment of your home. But should the moment arrive that you want to put your home on the market, know that a modern gas fireplace is viewed by buyers as an attractive, desirable feature, making your property more appealing overall.
  • Safety considerations. A properly used open fireplace is safe with the right precautions in place, but gas inserts are inherently safer. There are no embers that may escape, and no sparks ascending through the chimney. The risk of chimney fire due to creosote accumulation is completely eliminated, and many models included safety features to provide extra peace of mind.

Is Gas Fireplace Installation Difficult?

The installation of a gas fireplace insert should be performed by a qualified professional, as it involves working with natural gas or propane and ventilation systems and may require modifications to your existing fireplace and chimney.

Safety and technical considerations rule this out as a candidate for a DIY project. Furthermore, local building codes and regulations may require professional installation and permitting. And if you’re worried about gas leaks, improper venting, or other safety hazards, how fully will you be able to enjoy your fireplace anyway?

All that said, while you will need to call a pro, the process itself is typically straightforward for experienced installers. Here’s what you can expect:

  • First, they’ll assess your existing fireplaces to determine suitability and help you explore suitable options.
  • Venting will be installed to safely carry combustions byproducts out of your home, and the installer will connect the gas supply line to the insert, ensuring a secure and leak free connection.
  • The unit will be tested and controls will be programmed, as needed.
  • Decorative elements, such as logs or fire glass, will be set in place.

What’s the Cost of Running a Gas Fireplace Insert?

The cost of running your insert will depend on a few things. Thinks like… What type of gas will be used? What’s the efficiency rating of the insert you’re having installed? What are local utility rates? What’s the frequency with which you use your fireplace?

a gas fireplace insert in a gray stone fireplace with a wood mantelAll that said, gas inserts are generally considered very cost effective for a few big reasons:

  • First, they’re energy efficient. They provide substantial heat with minimal loss, meaning more warmth per dollar spent.
  • Second, the degree of control means you can focus on heating specific areas of your home, reducing the need to heat the entire space.
  • Third, precision control also means you can adjust the flame to meet your comfort and visual needs without wasting energy.

What Are the Maintenance Needs of a Fireplace Insert?

With less cleaning needs and no need to chop and store firewood, the day-to-day maintenance requirements of a gas insert tend to be low. Like any heating appliance, however, inserts require annual chimney inspections to maximize safety and efficiency of operations.

Having your insert professionally maintained helps identify and address potential safety issues, such as gas leaks or ventilation issues that could arise, before they become serious threats. Maintenance will also address dirty or clogged vents that could reduce heat output or increase energy consumption, and proactive inspection and treatment for wear and tear can extend the lifespan of your appliance.

Questions About Inserts, Stoves, or Fireplace Care? Count On Us

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