We Install Custom Fireboxes for Folks Throughout the Pittsburgh Area

Your firebox is where your fires actually burn, and it should be built with fire-resistant bricks and materials to ensure no damage occurs while the flames heat your space. Because the firebox has such an important job, ensuring it’s built correctly is imperative. This is why we’re proud to offer custom firebox rebuilds for clients throughout our service area.

Explore your options with us, then give us a call or reach out online to get the process started.

 before restoration of PriorFire firebox custom size built out of fire brick. with chiseled rock surround and mantle - light in firebox - mortar and cleaning supplies in the foreground.
Process started of custom firebox with cream colored fire brick in the background and tarp laying on the flooring.
Completed PriorFire firebox custom size built out of fire brick.nice and clean

We Have Multiple Custom Firebox Options

Ahren-Fire Firebox

Ahren-Fire fireboxes come with a rounded back wall and rounded corners. This design encourages more heat production and ensures it is distributed evenly. With these models you can count on the following:

  • Simple and swift installation process
  • Components can withstand the stress of high temps
  • Features a realistic-looking brick pattern
  • Designed to help radiate heat back into your home
  • Produces cleaner and more efficient burns
  • Materials retain and release heat even after the fire is out
  • Comes in multiple size options, so finding the right fit is easy
  • Won’t alter the look of your current fireplace
    AHRENFIRE logo in all caps in yellow box
    Ahren-Fire Firebox after installation granite hearth with rock surround and granite mantel decorated for Christmas.

    HeatShield®’s PriorFire Retrofit Fireboxes

    PriorFire retrofit fireboxes are designed to produce more heat, while still giving your space the classic and cozy fireplace feel our clients always hope to achieve. These systems offer the following features and benefits:

    • They come with zero clearance to combustibles with a 4-inch nominal masonry.
    • They fit most residential fireplaces, no matter how big or small.
    • You’ll get significantly more heat than an average masonry setup.
    • The firebrick used absorbs less heat than classic options, which means more heat radiating back into your living space.
    • These systems burn a lot cleaner and have more complete combustion.

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