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We’re happy to serve a long list of Pennsylvania counties, ensuring homeowners in Pittsburgh, Evans City, Kittanburg, Butler, and more get the high level of care they deserve. We want your fireplace and chimneys to look great, function safely, and give you the heat, light, and cozy ambiance you’re hoping for.

If you need chimney repairs completed, a new fireplace system installed, your yearly inspection completed, or another one of our quality chimney and fireplace services, call today to get started.

Our Professionalism & Attention to Quality Is Unparalleled

Top Cat Chimney has over 17 years of industry experience, ensuring clients throughout the Pittsburgh area get the high level of care they deserve.

We hold the following certifications, titles, and memberships:

Tech on the ground starting new construction of chimney with a frame to the left and framing around it - He is wearing a gray Top Cat logo t-shirt.

Our techs are constantly receiving further training to fine-tune their skills and keep their chimney and fireplace knowledge fresh. We’re family-owned, licensed, and insured, and our customers consistently describe us as professional, thorough, and kind.

Long story short – we’re not just in it for a paycheck. We aim to have the most satisfied customers around.

This show four men and one woman who are at a show of their products.
Family of mom and dad owners with two little girls and one little boy sitting on a living room sofa.
Two top cat techs working on two masonry chimneys.

Questions? Our Team Would Be Glad To Answer Them

The more you know about how your system runs, the importance of swift repairs, and why we do what we do, the better – and more safely – you can operate it. We believe educating homeowners is imperative to keeping those we serve better protected and more satisfied, so please reach out now if you have any questions.

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