Due for Your Annual Chimney Inspection? We’re Here to Help

Pittsburgh homeowners make us their trusted crew for all things chimney. One thing we always urge our customers to invest in is annual chimney inspections. These allow us to spot potential hazards, like masonry damage, missing components, creosote buildup, and more, ensuring your system can function safer every time you put it to use.

We use Chimspect Software on all of our chimney inspections, ensuring you’re left with the most detailed report possible.

We Offer Three Levels of Chimney Inspections

Top Cat Chimney offers three separate levels of chimney and fireplace inspections, ensuring both our commercial and residential clients throughout Western Pennsylvania get the best care possible.

Level 1

If your system is easily accessible, hasn’t undergone any recent structural changes or changes in fuel type, and if you’re planning on maintaining its current level of use, a level 1 inspection would be recommended.

This is the most commonly performed inspection. During it, one of our certified chimney sweeps will verify that the chimney is structurally sound and free of any obstructions or creosote that could be putting your system and/or home at risk.

Level 2

During a level 2 inspection, we’ll perform everything in a level 1 inspection, along with checking on any accessible portions of the chimney in the attic, basement, or any crawl spaces. We may also do a smoke test or pressure test.

One of the distinctive features of a level 2 inspection is the use of video equipment to do an interior video inspection of the flue and chimney.

We’ll take photos of the interior system, along with any connection points, then use them as a reference to note any existing issues with the chimney or fireplace. We’ll then provide you with a detailed report using ChimSpect software.

When is a level 2 inspection required?

  • During the purchase or sale of a property
  • If it’s been over a year since your last inspection
  • If you’ve recently undergone a fuel change
  • If you’ve recently updated or renovated your system
  • After a chimney fire or other natural disaster (earthquake, flood, tornado, etc.)
  • If a new home heating appliance was added

Level 3

If, after completing your level 1 or 2 inspection, we suspect a hidden hazard exists within your fireplace or chimney, we may need to perform a level 3 inspection. These are completed when parts of the chimney, fireplace, or surrounding wall need to be demoed or deconstructed to find the root of any suspected issues.

When Should I Book My Chimney Inspection & Sweep?

Before starting your burning season in the cooler fall months, be sure to get your inspection booked with us. You could have excessive creosote deposits that increase your risk of chimney fire, or you may need some chimney repairs completed or new components installed to ensure proper and efficient functioning.

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