Invest in Great Heat Output With Easy-to-Use Gas Stoves

Wondering if a gas stove would be a good fit for your household? Stoves are growing in popularity and there’s no denying the convenience of using a gas system, so we’d say this would be a great investment for any Pittsburgh home or business owner.

Just be sure to depend on our pros for proper installation and regular maintenance. We’d be happy to help you out.

Benefits of Gas Stoves

Why might someone go with a gas stove over a pellet or wood option?

  •  Quick, efficient heat. Gas stoves heat up your space quickly and efficiently. They’re known for their great heat output and for being able to provide lots of warmth to large spaces.
  • Easy and convenient to use. Gas systems, in general, are known for being easy to use and stoves are no different. Just flip them on and you’re all set. Many come with remote options too.
  • Consistent, controllable heat: A big con of heating with wood is that the heat output isn’t always consistent or reliable. With gas, you can control exactly how hot you want the space – and trust that it will stay that way.
  • Aesthetically pleasing. Gas stoves come in a wide range of designs and styles, and finding the right size for your space shouldn’t be an issue either. Rest assured, no matter your preferences, you’ll find one to love.

Benefits of Gas Stoves:

Quick, efficient heat

Easy and convenient to use

Consistent, controllable heat

Aesthetically pleasing

How Often Should My Gas Stove Be Serviced?

Gas stoves should be serviced and inspected annually to ensure everything is functioning appropriately. Should something be damaged or installed incorrectly, you could be more prone to gas leaks, inefficiency, and other hazards.

Trust our techs to get this yearly maintenance completed, so that you can relax and rest easier with every burning season.

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Get the system you’ve been dreaming of by working with our team. We’d happily install your new gas stove, but we also offer wood and pellet options, too, along with fireplaces and inserts. Basically, whatever you need, we’ve got the tools, training, and equipment to set you up right.

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