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A fireplace is an essential component of any home, providing warmth, ambiance, and a gathering place for family and friends. However, over time, fireplaces and chimneys can suffer wear and tear, leading to damage and potential hazards.

The good news for Pittsburgh homeowners and those living throughout Western Pennsylvania is that our team of experts can help meet all of your chimney and fireplace restoration needs.

What Are Fireplace and Chimney Restorations?

Fireplace and chimney restorations involve repairing or rebuilding fireplaces and chimneys that have suffered damage or deterioration.

This can include repairing cracks, replacing damaged bricks or mortar, rebuilding your firebox, replacing damaged flue liners, adding new components (like a chase cover or chimney cap), and more.

One thing is certain for any restoration job, though – trusting a professional sweep to complete it is a must.

These are typically big and complex jobs and even a small mistake or minor slipup can result in more problems, all of which will cost you even more time and money to address.

Tech installing new cream colored fire brick in firebox - level to the left along with tools - mortar in the foreground and a tarp on the floor.

Why Have a Fireplace or Chimney Restoration Completed?

There are a few main reasons why a homeowner might want to invest in a fireplace or chimney restoration.


If your chimney or fireplace is showing signs of cracking or deterioration, or if you notice smoke entering your home from cracks in your masonry, it shouldn’t be put to use until a professional tech can come and perform a thorough inspection. 


If you’re not getting the heat you’re hoping for from your fireplace, a restoration job may help to improve overall performance.

For instance, our custom firebox rebuilds are known for sending a lot more heat into your space, empowering you to lower your thermostat and reduce energy bills.


Sometimes it’s less about safety and efficiency and more about improving the look of an outdated appliance.

If your system is no longer matching your tastes or preferences, explore restoration options with us to turn into the focal point you’re dreaming of – and improve the overall value of your home while you’re at it.

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