Gas Fireplaces Need Regular Maintenance Too – Book Your Next Service With Us

Gas fireplaces have a strong reputation for being low maintenance, so many homeowners assume they don’t need to worry about scheduling regular services with a professional sweep. Unfortunately, this is far from true, and it’s the cause of many easily preventable hazards.

Fortunately for folks in Western Pennsylvania, we can help with any and all of their chimney needs.

How Often Should I Service My Gas Fireplace?

As with all fireplaces, no matter the fuel being used, annual inspections are recommended for your gas fireplace, stove, or insert. This will give the sweep ample opportunity to ensure all parts are working well and operating safely.

During the service, you can expect us to:

  • inspect the gas line
  • test the pilot light
  • check the ignition system
  • inspect the burner and heat exchanger
  • clean the gas logs
  • inspect the chimney flue
  • …and more!
New gas insert with rock backdrop and hearth and a flame in the fireplace.

Do You Have Carbon Monoxide Detectors Installed?

One of the biggest threats of a gas fireplace is the risk of carbon monoxide exposure. Fortunately, if your system was professionally installed and is regularly maintained, your risk of gas leaks of any kind are very low.

That said, carbon monoxide detectors are still something every home and business owner should have installed throughout their property. Why? Because carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and deadly when inhaled. Many won’t even detect its presence until symptoms start to occur, and by then it may be too late to safely leave the space.

The two big takeaways?

1. Invest in professional services for your gas fireplaces and appliances.
2. Have carbon monoxide detectors (and smoke detectors) installed throughout your home and/or business.

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Did you know, we can build a custom firebox for your fireplace? Trust our chimney and fireplace services team to get the job done right.