Leaky Chimney in Zelienople? Top Cat Chimney Has Solutions

Chimney leaks can trigger significant home and chimney damage. If you live in or near Zelienople, Harmony, Harmony Junction, Eidenau, Fombell, Middle Lancaster, Goehring, Evans City, Wahlville, Wexford, Gibsonia, Freeport, or New Bethlehem, our team is here to offer repairs and solutions.

Chimney leaks are, unfortunately, all too common in PIttsburgh and the surrounding areas, and since water is one of the most damaging things your system can be exposed to, finding, addressing, and preventing leaks is essential for maintaining a safer and more efficient fireplace.

Fortunately for those on New Castle Street, Beaver Street, Hazel Street, High Street, Oliver Avenue, Zelie Drive, McKim Street, Front Street, Division Street, Spring Street, New Castle Street, Hillside Drive, Maria Lane, Muntz Run Road, Halstead Boulevard, and everywhere nearby, Top Cat Chimney is here to help.

How Can We Resolve & Prevent Leaks?

      • Waterproofing your chimney
      • Performing masonry repairs
      • Repairing your chimney crown
      • Installing a chimney cap
      • Installing a chase cover
      • Relining a damaged flue, if necessary
      • Repairing or installing chimney flashing

Questions about what your system needs? We’d recommend scheduling a chimney inspection, so we can figure out exactly where you stand. Once we make an assessment, we can recommend further maintenance. We offer a comprehensive list of services, and we’re certain our certified and experienced sweeps can help with any issues you’re experiencing.

You Deserve the Best – Schedule Now

You deserve the best chimney care around, and that’s just what you get from us. If you live in Lillyville, Watters, Pyles Mills, Buhls Station, Barrisville, Celia, Glen Eden, Kittanning, or anywhere else in our wide service area, please call or book online now.


Our service area includes Wexford, so if you need chimney relining, masonry repairs, chimney cap installation, and more, we’re here to get it done for you.