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Chimney cap and chase covers are both important components of a chimney system. Those living in Ellwood City, Park Gate, Frisco, Rock Point, Ellport, North Sewickley, Wurtemburg, McKimm, Hoytdale, Bellton, Koppel, Evans City, Kittanning, Butler, Clarion, and more, trust us for installation.

Protecting your chimney is important. We’re here to ensure home and business owners in Pittsburgh and the surrounding cities are equipped with all of the tools and services they need to get the most from the fireplace year after year. If you need care, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Chimney Caps & Chase Covers: What’s the Difference?

Chimney caps and chase covers both sit at the top of your chimney and play a role in protecting it, but they do serve different purposes.

      • Chase Covers: A chase cover is a metal covering that fits over the entire top of a chimney chase, which is a box-like structure that surrounds a factory-built (or prefab) chimney. It essentially works as a crown, but for prefab systems, keeping water, animals, and other outdoor debris from entering your system and causing damage.
      • Chimney Caps: Chimney caps should be at the top of every chimney, regardless of the type, to prevent rain, snow, animals, and outside debris from entering it. Chimney caps can also prevent downdrafts and serve as spark arrestors, and they are an affordable way to avoid expensive and time-consuming damage later on.

If you need a new cap or chase cover on Wampum Road, Spring Avenue, Franklin Avenue, Fairview Avenue, Center Avenue, Summit Avenue, Sims Street, Hazen Avenue, Hillcrest Avenue, Sunset Boulevard, Walnut Drive, Border Avenue, Park Avenue, Spruce Way, Wayne Avenue, Perry Street, Beechwood Boulevard, or anywhere else nearby, we’re here to help.

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