Dealing With Water Damage & Chimney Leaks? Book Your Masonry Repairs With Us

Spotting water stains on your ceilings? Notice water pooling in your firebox? Many assume this is the fault of the roof, only to have their roofer tell them that they actually need chimney repairs. Fortunately for homeowners in the Pittsburgh area, though, Top Cat Chimney is here to help with leak damage and chimney masonry repairs.

Masonry Chimneys & Water Damage

Masonry chimneys offer a classic and timeless look to any home, but if yours is crumbling or showing signs of damage, it can really put a damper on your property’s value. And on top of being an eyesore, damaged masonry will also make your chimney unsafe for use, increasing your risk of experiencing gas leaks, smoke in the home, and fire hazards.

It’s an unfortunate truth that masonry chimneys are fairly susceptible to water damage due to brick’s naturally absorbent nature. It will quickly soak in any water it’s exposed to if left unprotected and untreated, and once that water is inside, it’ll break things down fairly quickly. And if the freeze/thaw process occurs, any cracking that’s already started will only worsen.

The good news is that there are solutions. Not only can we restore your chimney and get it back to looking great, we can also offer preventive measures that ensure no damage will recur later.

Masonry Repairs We Offer

For restoring and repairing your chimney masonry, count on us for:


Crown Repairs


Brick Replacement

Chimney Rebuilds

Firebox Rebuilds

Old chimney on roof being restored - woods in the background as well as a covered pool with a fence around the pool

Big or Small, We’re Here to Help With All of Your Masonry Repairs

No matter how big or small of a job you need us to tackle, we’re here for you. Our experienced and reputable experts would love to be your trusted crew for any chimney repair services you need. Call today or schedule your next appointment online now. We’d love to get started soon.


Chimney crown repairs are important to take care of promptly to avoid other damage and the need for even more chimney repairs.