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Don’t let water damage bring you down. If you live in New Bethlehem, South Bethlehem, Cottage Hill, Fairmont City, Oak Ridge, Alcola, Distant, Climax, Saint Charles, Hawthorn, Seminole, Butler, Clarion, Oil City, Gibsonia, or somewhere else close by, hire us for waterproofing and chimney leak repairs.

Water is your chimney’s biggest enemy, and it can cause significant damage if your system isn’t adequately protected. Fortunately for Pittsburgh homeowners, the team at Top Cat Chimney is equipped to offer quality leak repair services, as well as preventive maintenance, to ensure your system stays in good shape through all kinds of bad weather.

How Does Water Damage My Chimney?

      • Water causes masonry to decay and deteriorate.
      • Water triggers efflorescence and discoloration.
      • Water can rust metal components, like your flashing or chimney cap.
      • Water invites clogs, which restrict draft and airflow.
      • Water creates bad odors, inviting them into your household.
      • Water causes staining on your interior walls.
      • Water can access your woodwork, causing it to rot.
      • Water can lead to a tilted chimney or collapse. 

Do you live on or somewhere close to Penn Street, Spruce Street, Arch Street, Park Avenue, Vine Street, School Street, Washington Street, McKinley Street, Locust Avenue, Walnut Street, Short Street, Willow Street, Broad Street, Cemetary Drive, or Garfield Street? Give us a call – we’re here to help you out.

Close up of a stainless steel chimney cap on a white chimney sitting on wood shingle roofing and buildings in the background - trees and blue sky with clouds also in the background
Close up of a large masonry chimney on a tile roof, a building and blue sky in the background.

Our Chimney & Fireplace Services Offer                          Long-Lasting Protection.

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