We Use State-of-the-Art Tools & Technology to Tackle Your Chimney Repairs

What can you expect from us when we take on your chimney or fireplace damages?

  • We use infrared cameras to identify chimney leaks.
  • We have snaplock vacuums and other high-tech equipment to guarantee a mess-free job.
  • We use ChimScan to ensure nothing is missed or overlooked.
  • We invest in training and education, so we’re always up to date on the newest techniques and technologies available to us.

In the end, when you trust us, you can rest easier knowing you’ve hired sweeps that are knowledgeable, certified, and invested in your satisfaction.

From Small Masonry Repairs to Full Chimney Restorations, We Do It All

Whether it’s a small repair job or a full remodel or restoration, there isn’t much we can’t do to get your chimney in the best shape possible. We offer quality assurance on every job, and we use the best tools and materials possible to ensure your system looks great and functions efficiently.

Book the following repairs with us:

Chimney with insert design in brick before it is cream colored and after it is white with scaffolding and trees along with a building in the background
Close up of a stainless steel chimney cap on a white chimney sitting on wood shingle roofing and buildings in the background - trees and blue sky with clouds also in the background
Masonry chimney with bricks missing on the front - Ladders on each side and safety gear to the right - clouds in the background
Close-up of two flue openings on a chimney with trees in the background

We Diagnose, Repair & Prevent Chimney Leaks

Struggling with a leaky chimney? Water is one of your chimney’s biggest enemies, as it can easily soak into your brickwork and trigger further deterioration. In fact, here in Pittsburgh and the surrounding cities, where temps often drop below freezing in the winter months, the freeze/thaw cycle can cause significant damage to unprotected masonry.

We can address any damage to your brickwork or mortar with our masonry repair services, then offer preventive services, like chimney waterproofing and chimney cap installations to ensure you don’t experience more damage later on.

Don’t let leaks destroy your chimney and put your home at risk. Call us today for swift and high-quality repairs.

Book Your Next Service Now

Chimney repair jobs aren’t something to put off. If you need care in the Allegheny County area, make us your trusted team of experts for it all.

Book your next chimney service by giving us a call or by requesting your appointment online today.


One of the chimney services we offer is installing a PriorFire Retrofit fireplace… ask us what that’s about and whether you could benefit.