Trust Top Cat Chimney for Firebox Rebuilds in Oil City

Is your firebox performing poorly? We can restore it, ensuring it functions more safely and efficiently. If you live in or close to Oil City, Siverly, Oliver Manor, Woodland Heights, McClintock, Hasson Heights, Rose Gardens, Rockmere, Rouseville, Reno, Fosters Corner, Grandview, or Zelienople, hire our techs for the job.

The main function of your fireplace’s firebox is to contain the fires that are built inside of it, while safely directing heat and smoke up to the chimney. Needless to say, the firebox should be constructed from quality, heat-resistant materials and regularly maintained to ensure your home stays protected while your fireplace is in use.

What some don’t realize, though, is that the size and shape of their firebox can have a significant impact on its performance. A poorly designed firebox can result in inefficient combustion, excessive smoke, and inefficient heating. Fortunately for Pittsburgh homeowners, we have great firebox rebuilding options to explore.

We Have Multiple Firebox Rebuild Options

If your firebox is in disrepair, count on us for restoration services. We offer the following options for you to explore.

Have questions? Reach out! We’re here for homeowners on Main Street, Halyday Street, Ellen Drive, Crestview Drive, Fisher Avenue, Colbert Avenue, Hoffman Avenue, Plummer Street, Seeley Avenue, Emerald Street, Seneca Street, Cooper Avenue, Spring Street, Keith Avenue, Alcorn Avenue, River Street, Drake Drive, Beech Street, and more.

Process started of custom firebox with cream colored fire brick in the background and tarp laying on the flooring.

We’re Proud to Serve You

If you live in Oleopolis, Stanleys Corner, Bredinsburg, Seneca, Ahrensville, Rynd Farm, Clarion, Butler, or anywhere else in our service area, count on our team for all of your chimney and fireplace needs.

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Evans City is a valued part of our service area and we look forward to keeping their chimney systems in top-notch shape, year after year.