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Looking to have a high-quality gas fireplace or insert installed? We sell systems from trusted brands, and our experts will ensure they are installed correctly and safely. If you live in or near Pittsburgh, we’d be happy to set you up right.

Why Choose a Gas-Fueled System?

  • They’re convenient. Gas systems don’t require building a fire, maintaining it, or even making sure it’s safely extinguished. Just push a button, and you’ve got heat, light, and a great ambiance.
  • They’re efficient. Wood fireplaces are known for losing heat up the chimney, but not gas models. They’re highly efficient, ensuring your space stays warmer and cozier – and your energy bills won’t suffer as a result.
  • They’re mess-free. Wood systems come with messy wood piles, buckets of fireplace ash, and they can get pretty smoky too. Gas systems offer all the peace and comfort of a fireplace, just without the mess.
  • They look great. Many claim wood options win out in terms of aesthetic, but gas options nowadays are more realistic than ever. They come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and designs, too, so finding one that meets your needs won’t be a problem.
Close up of burning gas logs
Fireplace insert in wall with sofa and stool in the foreground

What’s the Difference Between a Fireplace & an Insert?

A traditional fireplace is an open system, while inserts are systems installed into an existing fireplace opening. Inserts are known to be the more efficient option, and they make wood-to-gas conversions a lot simpler by having a gas insert installed into an open wood fireplace.

If you’re not sure which option would be best for your household, we suggest giving our experts a call. We’d be happy to walk you through our various model options and fuel types, so you can pick the perfect fit for your needs, preferences, and budget.

Our Team Is Ready to Serve You

We’d love to bring you the quality services and products you deserve. If you need chimney repairs or services completed, or if you’d like a new stove, insert, or fireplace installed, make us your go-to and trusted team for it all.

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