Chimney Relining Services: Ask Our Experts About Your Options

Chimney liners have three big important jobs.

1. Protect your masonry from decay and deterioration
2. Protect your home from heat and flue gases
3. Empower your chimney to function as efficiently as possible

Without a properly fitted liner in place, smoke and other gases could easily gain access to your space, heat and flames could reach your home’s woodwork, and your system wouldn’t offer the heat and comfort you’re hoping for.

Because of this, investing in chimney relining services if your system is damaged is a must. And trusting a team of experts for the job is imperative for keeping your household safer and more comfortable. At Top Cat Chimney, we use HeatShield® to reline chimneys in the Pittsburgh area.

Stainless Steel Liner laying on grass
Stainless Steel Liner in chimney
Stainless Steel Liner has been installed into chimney

Trust Us to Install Your New Stainless Steel Chimney Liner

The benefits of relining your chimney with a stainless steel liner can’t be denied. They’re known for improving the efficiency of your system, reducing the risk of chimney fires, helping to extend the life of your chimney, and more. Gain peace of mind knowing that your chimney is in good working order by reaching out today.

Why is stainless steel the top choice for keeping your chimney better protected?


When it comes to strength and resilience, stainless steel is unmatched. If you’re looking for something that will protect your structure at all costs, this is it.


Stainless steel is known for standing the test of time. In fact, when installed by a chimney professional, they come with a lifetime warranty.


Stainless steel is compatible with all fuel types, so if you think you may switch things up later on (like convert from wood to gas), you won’t need to worry about your liner during the process.


These liners are known for being easier to clean and they tend to be less expensive to maintain over time too.


Stainless steel liners can be fitted with insulation around them, which will keep your flue warmer and help reduce creosote accumulation.


Stainless steel is non-corrosive, so the likelihood of developing cracks and holes in the liner are low.

What’s the installation process like?

Well, it’s pretty simple and straightforward. Before we install your stainless steel liner, we’ll determine the size and shape of your chimney, then ensure any debris or buildup we find inside is cleared out. If repairs are needed, these will also be completed ahead of time. Once these steps are checked off, we’ll lower the new liner into your chimney, where it is then properly secured.

Once your chimney has been primed and readied, the relining process itself can be completed in just a day, allowing you the ability to use your chimney in no time.

Is HeatShield® Right for You?

HeatShield® offers three options for repairing and/or relining your chimney.

Joint Repair System

This is ideal for minor damage that is scattered throughout the flue. First, a custom foam applicator blade is created to fit your chimney.

This blade is placed below the gaps and holes in your chimney, and then the HeatShield® Cerfractory® Flue Sealant mixture is added on top of the damaged areas.

The sealant fills in any voids and is smoothed out by pulling the applicator blade over the surface.

heat shield logo Heat in red letter and Shield in black with Cerfractory Flue Sealant underneath - this is joint repair

Resurfacing System

This is recommended for more significant damage, such as spalling or cracking throughout the chimney.

This system also utilizes a custom-made applicator plug, which is placed at the bottom of the flue and pulled up with a winch to apply a ¼ inch thick layer of the Cerfractory® Flue Sealant  to the entire interior surface of the chimney.

After the process is completed, cameras are used to verify that the system is sealed and functioning properly.

HeatShield logo Heat in red letter and Shield in black with Cerfractory Flue Sealant underneath - this is resurfacing

What Is HeatShield’s® Cerfractory® Sealant?

HeatShield’s® Cerfractory® sealant is a mixture used to restore and repair damaged flues that are riddled with cracks, holes, and deterioration.

Rather than inserting an entirely new metal liner, HeatShield® empowers homeowners to get their system back to its original state without having to have a full relining job completed.

This sealant is specially formulated to completely fill in any gaps and openings, then keep them protected for years to come. Once we’re through, your damage will be gone, and you won’t have to worry about issues coming up again anytime soon either.

Put your mind at ease by hiring us for your next relining job now.

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