Gas fireplaces continue to gain popularity. Simply put, they are convenient, beautiful, and efficient. These modern marvels provide all the warmth and ambiance of a traditional wood-burning fireplace, but without the mess and hassle of dealing with wood. While the cleanliness and convenience of a gas fireplace are highly desired, many forget that just like any appliance, regular cleaning and maintenance is needed to keep them running as safely and efficiently as possible.

Top Cat Chimney specializes in gas fireplace chimney care and maintenance and we have an experienced team of technicians that can help you keep that beautiful fireplace running at its best. Here is what you need to know about servicing your gas fireplace.

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How Often Should I Service My Gas Fireplace?

There are many factors that determine how often your gas fireplace should be serviced. How often you use your fireplace, how old it is, and what type of fireplace you have all play a part in how often your fireplace needs serviced. That said, at Top Cat Chimney, we have seen our share of different fireplace types and when it comes to gas fireplaces, we suggest – as do gas fireplace manufacturers and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) – that you have an inspection and cleaning scheduled, at minimum, once a year.

This is a proactive approach that allows you to stay on top of the wear and tear on your system and get to minor flaws addressed before they become major problems. The cost of regular maintenance is minimal when compared to the savings you get from the sustained efficiency of your gas fireplace.

In addition to regular servicing, it is important to keep an eye out for warning signs that might indicate problems with your gas fireplace. If your flames are acting strange, you smell an unusual odor, have difficulty starting the fire, or hear strange sounds, you may need some intervention quickly. Our team at Top Cat Chimney can locate the issue and get it fixed before a dangerous or expensive problem arises.

Why Gas Fireplaces Need Regular Servicing

Why do you need to service your gas fireplace every year?

✓ Safety First

The first reason your gas fireplace needs servicing is simply because of safety. The reason it’s called a gas fireplace is because the fuel that it’s burning is natural gas or propane (depending on your system). If not regularly inspected and serviced, the various components that provide gas to the fireplace, ignition for the fire, and ventilation for the fire’s emissions can develop weaknesses and flaws. Left unnoticed, dangerous problems can arise such as gas leaks, increased carbon monoxide levels within your home, and malfunctions in safety controls.

Our professionals at Top Cat Chimney can detect weaknesses before they become full blown problems. Regularly performed inspections in your gas fireplace system is the first step in making sure that your fireplace continues to provide you with warmth and beauty – while remaining safe and efficient.

✓ Maintaining Efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of a gas fireplace is its efficiency. Enjoying a fire from a gas fireplace takes strain off of your home’s heating system and directly affects your energy bills. When parts like burners, ignition switches, thermocouples, or pilot lights get dirty, clogged, or blocked, the efficiency of your fireplace dwindles thus negating one of your fireplace’s biggest advantages.

During servicing, Top Cat Chimney’s technicians will clean and inspect these components, ensuring that they work optimally. This not only saves you money but also keeps your living space cozy and comfortable.

✓ Prolonging System Lifespan

All appliances have a general life expectancy and the longevity of your gas fireplace is dependent on regular servicing. Just like a car, regular maintenance keeps it running smoothly for a longer period of time. Inspections and cleaning can lead to prolonged life for your fireplace and keep you from acquiring large repair bills when something goes wrong.

The Dangers of Neglecting Gas Fireplace Servicing

The fact is, without servicing you are putting your home and the people in it at risk. There are a number of things that can happen if you aren’t paying attention to the needs of your gas fireplace. Here are a few of the things you should watch for.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

This odorless and invisible gas is produced when natural gas or propane is released into the home via a gas leak or if it isn’t burnt completely. In good working order, your fireplace burns the gas efficiently and there is no concern, however, if left unattended, leaks and inefficiencies can become a serious danger. 

The symptoms of CO poisoning are often mistaken for the flu, making it a silent and deadly threat. Headaches, dizziness, nausea, and confusion are common early signs. If left unaddressed, CO poisoning can lead to unconsciousness and death.

an infographic explaining the symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure: headaches, dizziness, chest pain, nausea, waking, confusion

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can occur with improper installation or wear and tear on components. These leaks can lead to fires or explosions that put lives at risk. Regular gas fireplace servicing ensures that any leaks – or even potential weaknesses that could cause leaks – are spotted and addressed promptly. At Top Cat Chimney our service techs are trained to locate potential leaks and fix them before they become a threat.

Costly Repairs

Regular inspections, cleanings, and servicing is vital to spotting issues early. Minor issues can quickly escalate into major problems that can cost a lot to get repaired. Routine inspections provide the opportunity to make simple fixes and corrections before emergencies arise and costly repairs are required.

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